Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the highest volume of waste your system can handle?

Answer: Virtually unlimited. We can add multiple, modular destruction units to meet any volume demands. For example a single large destruction unit can handle up to 10 cubic metres of waste per week. Multiple units can be added and still feed into a single collection system.

Question: Is it possible to install an automated system into an existing building?

Answer: Yes, in most cases. The collection chute needs a clear vertical drop which could be located in existing service shafts down to a secure room at ground or basement level. Then transporting the destroyed waste is easily accomodated using 250mm ducting which can cover several hundred meters. The best way to find out is to ask us for an obligation free site inspection.

Question: Do you provide standard manually operated solutions as well?

Answer: Yes. We use standard equipment modules that can be supplied with  standard manual controls and operate independently. All equipment conform to Australian safety standards.