Onsite Degaussing Service

Secure Degaussing is now available as an onsite service.

We come to you with our mobile degaussing station and process all your hard drives securely removing all data and rendering them unusable. This process is used for end of life PCs before they are removed for recycling. 

All we need is access to 240V power and a table or desk to work on.

Why Degauss your hard drive before discarding/recycling?
Degaussing uses a powerful magnetic field to change the magnetic alignment leaving the magnetic media (hard drives, disks, tapes, video) in random patterns making any prevoius data totally unrecoverable and the media itself is useless. Even the bios program on the hard drive is destroyed.

A degausser can therefore completely erase all data and other signals from magnetic storage media.

Simply overwriting a hard drive will not completely erase its data. Only a degausser can remove data 100% and ensure that confidential data is securely and completely erased.

HD-B4-PD-4Crush                                HD-2 Rev3

Minimum quantites apply.

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