SDS Appointed reseller for SEM Security Destruction Equipment

Security Destruction Solutions Pty Ltd (SDS) has been appointed as Australian reseller for Security Engineered Machinery (SEM), the largest manufacturer of information destruction equipment in the USA and the original inventor of the Disintegrator. SEM has over 45 years of experience and thousands of systems installed across all areas of Government, Military and Security Agencies around the world.

 Sound Enclosure     1012 Value Kit           Ds 22_conveyor _big 

With a special focus on the secure destruction of PC hard drives, magnetic and optical media as well as documents, the SEM product range offers the broadest range of solutions compliant with Government and commercial high security standards.

Managing Director of SDS, Rod Fowler, said “Many millions of computers, tablets, smart phones and similar devices reach the end of their life every year in Australia and should have their data cleansed before disposal and recycling. Software data erasure is slow, can only work if the device is working, and is often not approved or adequate for higher security environments such as government, financial or sensitive corporate data. This means that either hard drive Degaussing or Physical Destruction to the correct standard is the only guaranteed solution.   There is an increasing need for access to proper data destruction services and equipment and by adding the SEM product range to our portfolio we are well positioned to meet this demand.“