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Digital Media Destruction - Do you have a policy?

As the level of paper usage drops, the level of Digital Data increases. Digital Media in some ways is easier to steal or copy and can contain vast amounts of data. Therefore it is essential for every organisation to have a policy to cover how they deal with Digital Media once it is no longer needed.

This means having a policy to deal with the secure removal or destruction of data on mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops, PC hard drives, Backup Tapes, Videos, USBs, flash memory, printers, copiers, and much more, before they are disposed of. For high security organisations, this is absolutely critical.

The recent trend towards Solid State Drives (Flash Based Storage) means that traditonal secure erase or degaussing techniques can no longer be relied upon for all types of devices. The only way to destroy data on all devices once they are no longer needed is a combination of degaussing and physical destruction.

We offer a range of degaussing and physical destruction solutions for every volume level. 

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