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SEM Disintegrators

Choose from a full range of Disintegrators from SEM, the original inventor of the Disintegrator concept. With over 45 years experience, SEM have thousands of systems installed across all areas of Government, Military and Security Agencies around the world.

With the largest range of NSA tested and listed equipment, the SEM range includes advanced options for feeding, noise supression, processing controls and waste management for small, medium and large volumes.

Whether you need to destroy, PC hard Drives, Solid State Drives, CDs, DVDs, Magnetic Tape, Flash Drives, USBs, Memory Sticks, Paper Documents occassionally, regularly or in high volumes, there is a SEM Disintegrator configuration that will be suitable.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide an obligation free quotation.

 New! Dual Stage Disintegrators now available.



     Disintegrator Value Kit           


           Disintegrator Sound Enclosure                 

 Fully Configured Value Kits Feed Conveyor and
Sound Enclosure Options
Efficient Destruction
Chamber Design


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